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Access to The New York Times (Updated on 6th September 2021)

Dear All Staff Members and Students,  

Whether you’re writing a paper, prepping course materials or planning for the weekend ahead, discover original, quality journalism that helps you understand the world and make the most of every part of life.

Activate your complimentary access to The New York Times at nytimes.com/passes using your UTAR email address.

Access to issues from 1851 through 1922 and flip through the pages as their originally appeared via TimesMachine.

You are also encouraged to access to some useful education tools as below:
For mobile access, kindly download The New York Times News App and login with your activated account under UTAR email address.

For any further enquiries, please contact Mr Chang (changtc@utar.edu.my) / Mr Nasrul (nasrul@utar.edu.my) for Kampar Campus or Pn Suraya (surayayu@utar.edu.my) / Pn Siti Zuliana (zuliana@utar.edu.my) for Sungai Long Campus.