1. Penalty for Late Return of Books
  1. Books must be returned by the date or time specified on the date due slip. Fines for overdue loans are calculated from the due date to the day the items are returned. Public holidays are included in this calculation. For example, if a book is due before a Public Holiday and is returned after the Public Holiday, the fines will be counted eventhough the library is closed. 

    The decision of the Library to impose a fine and quantum thereof shall be final and not subject to any appeal, save where gross error can be shown. 

  2. Patrons must pay all fines incurred regardless of whether a notice was received. Patrons who fail to pay will have their borrowing privileges suspended. Patrons must retain the receipts for the paid fines as proof of payment. 
  3. Patrons with debts due to the Library will not be allowed to attend convocation and their certificates will be withheld until such debts are cleared.
  4. The following will not be accepted as valid reasons for waiving/reducing library charges/fines:
    • Lack of knowledge of library policy
    • Disagreement with library fine structure/policy
    • Inability to pay library fees or charges
    • Book(s) loaned to a third party
    • Non-receipt or late receipt of library reminder notices (notices of overdue books are sent as a matter of courtesy. It is the patron's responsibility to ensure his/her current email address is in the Library's system)
    • Out of town / back to home town
    • Forgetting the due date
    • Semester break, on leave, exams, industrial attachment
    • Transportation problems
2. Penalty for Loss or Damage to or Replacement of Books
Any loss or damage to a library book must be reported to the Librarian. Penalty would be imposed for any loss or damage due to patron’s own negligence.

Penalty for lost or severe damaged item will be the cost of the book or replacement with a new book, plus a processing fee of RM25 for each item. For minor damage where the item is still in usable condition, penalty imposed is subject to its damaged conditions. Click here for more details.