1.    Privilege

The borrowing of library books in accordance with this Regulation is merely a privilege granted to eligible members of the University which privilege may be revoked by the University at any time whether in accordance with this Rule or for any or without any reason or ground whatsoever.
2.    Entitlement
Note *Overnight loans for Red-spot books start at 4.00 pm. They must be returned the following day before 10.00 am.

Library patrons must produce their ID cards to borrow library books. ID cards are not transferable and under no circumstances may a book be passed on to another patron.

Patrons are responsible for all books loaned for as long as the check-out record remains uncancelled. They will be penalised for any loss or damage to the book borrowed in their name and will be required to pay the cost of replacement or repair together with any fines incurred before reporting the loss or damage, plus a processing fee.
Patrons are allowed to borrow / return book(s) from any of the UTAR libraries.

Patrons are not allowed to borrow other books (even if they have not exceeded the loan limit) or renew any borrowed book(s) if they have unpaid fines or have yet to return or replace overdue book(s) or lost or damaged book(s).

Each patron has his/her own library account that can be accessed at any time at Through this account the patron can check his/her library activity and perform online renewal of book(s) or online reservation of book(s).

3. Renewal of Books

Library books can be renewed online twice through the UTAR Library OPAC / loan counter. However, renewal is denied under these circumstances :

The item is overdue.
The item is being requested by another patron.
The maximum number of renewal for the item has been exceeded.


Recall of Books


Any book on loan may be recalled by the Library in the event it is required either by another patron or for teaching purposes. Recalled books will normally be requested to be returned within seven (7) days of the recall being placed by the library.

A book that is simultaneously required by a number of patrons may be checked out for three (3) days only. If this book is kept beyond the due date, fines will be imposed .

5. Overdue Notices

Library System will automatically send you a reminder email 3 days before a book is due. After the book is overdue, unlimited overdue emails are sent to your email id everyday. Failure to read emails will not be regarded as a valid excuse for non-receipt of overdue notices. Patrons are however advised to refer to the due date stamped in the book and not rely on email reminders/overdue notices as they are merely courtesy reminders.

6. Penalty for Late Return of Books


Books must be returned by the date or time specified on the date due slip. Fines for overdue loans are calculated from the due date to the day the items are returned. Public holidays are included in this calculation. For example, if a book is due before a Public Holiday and is returned after the Public Holiday, the fines will be counted eventhough the library is closed.

The decision of the Library to impose a fine and quantum thereof shall be final and not subject to any appeal, save where gross error can be shown.


Patrons must pay all fines incurred regardless of whether a notice was received. Patrons who fail to pay will have their borrowing privileges suspended. Patrons must retain the receipts for the paid fines as proof of payment.

Patrons with debts due to the Library will not be allowed to attend convocation and their certificates will be withheld until such debts are cleared.
The following will not be accepted as valid reasons for waiving/reducing library charges/fines:
Lack of knowledge of library policy
Disagreement with library fine structure/policy
Inability to pay library fees or charges
Book(s) loaned to a third party

Non-receipt or late receipt of library reminder notices (notices of overdue books are sent as a matter of courtesy. It is the patron's responsibility to ensure his/her current email address is in the Library's system)
Out of town / back to home town
Forgetting the due date
Semester break, on leave, exams, industrial attachment
Transportation problems


Loss or Damage to or Replacement of Books

Any loss or damage to a library book must be reported to the Librarian. Fines, where imposed, will be determined in the following manner :-


Payment equivalent to twice the current price of the lost or damaged book plus a processing fee of RM25.00 for each book. If the price is not available from reference sources, the price will be determined based upon the purchase price as indicated in the Library's acquisitions record. If such record is unavailable , patrons must pay double the *estimated price plus a processing fee of RM25.00 OR
(b) Replacement of the lost or damaged book plus a processing fee of RM25.00 for each book.

Estimated price is calculated based on books written by the same author or similar titles written by different authors and approved by the Librarian.

8. Document Delivery Service

This service supports scholarly research by helping to obtain materials not available in any of the UTAR libraries. Click here for more details.

9. Inter-Campus Loans

Users can make online request for items held at another campus through the Loan facility, which is available at the library online catalogue. However, this facility is available only for Open Shelf books. Other materials from the Red-Spot Collection, Reference Collection, Serials Collection, Special Collection and Archives cannot be requested online. Please refer to the Reference Librarian for such materials.


Red Spot Books

The following shall apply to "Red Spot" books :-
Only one red spot book may be borrowed at any one time and the duration of loan shall be 2 hours;

Overnight loans for red-spot books start at 4.00 pm. They must be returned on the following working day before 10.00 am ; and
(c) The Library has the full authority to recall any red spot book at any time.


Systems Interruptions & Breakdowns

There will be no book loan transactions in the event of interruption or breakdown in the Library's processing system and the University is not liable in any manner whatsoever for such interruption or breakdown. Interruption to service may be due to any one or more of the events depicted hereinbelow which depiction is not by any means exhaustive :-

(a) Power failure experienced within or affecting the Library;
(b) Library system being down either at server's or client's end or being upgraded; and
(c) Hardware failure or connection problems.

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