FAQs - Circulation Enquiries

1. What is the maximum number of books I can borrow at any one time?
Please refer to Library Loan Entitlement for details.

2. What is the loan period?
Please refer to Library Loan Entitlement for details.

3. Can I use a friend's card to borrow books?
No. this is not allowed.

4. Can I return books to any of the UTAR libraries?
Yes, you can.

5. How do I renew books online?
Please go to Patron Account in the library OPAC and login in with your patron ID and password. Please refer to Online Renewal Guide.

6. How many times can I renew my books?
Twice, if no users have made any reservations.

7. Why is renewal denied?
The following may be one of the reasons:
1. The item is overdue.
2. The item is being requested by another patron.
3. Reached the maximum number of renewals.

8. Will I be reminded when books that I have borrowed are due for return?
Yes, you will be informed via the email address that you had registered with the Library. However, you are advised to refer to the due date stamped in the book and not rely on email reminders/overdue notices as they are just courtesy reminders.

9. How do I reserve a book that is on loan to another user?
Log into your 'Patron Account' and perform an online book request on the book item that you wish to borrow. Be sure to select the 'Pick-up location' where you want to collect the book.

10. What should I do if I lose my student ID?
Please report to the Library immediately to ensure that your card will not be used by someone else to borrow books. Please make your payment for a replacement card at the Division of Finance and go to ITISC to apply for the replacement ID card.

11. How do I cancel a reservation that I have placed on an item?
Log into Patron Account in the library OPAC and cancel the title that you do not wish to borrow anymore.
1. How will the library notify me if I have overdue book/books?
You will be notified by email if you have any overdue books. However, the Library will not be responsible for any undelivered email. It is just a courtesy reminder to all. Patrons have to pay the overdue fines even if he/she did not receive the email reminders.

2. How much are the overdue fines?
Collection Fines (inclusive of holidays)
Open Shelf Books Students -
First 30 days: RM 0.50 per book per day
After 30 days: RM25.00 + fines incurred

Staff -
First 30 days: RM1.00 per book per day
After 30 days: RM25.00 + fines incurred
Red-spot Books Student - 50 sen per hour/part of
After 30 days: RM25.00 + fines incurred

Staff - 50 sen per day

After 30 days: RM25.00 + fines incurred

3. What should I do if I lose/damage a book?
Please report to the librarian as soon as possible. Patrons will be charged the cost of replacement of book plus a processing fee.


Why I am not allowed to borrow or renew books although I do not have such problems previously?
You may have overdue book(s) or overdue fines. Please return overdue book(s) or clear overdue fines as soon as possible in order for you to borrow or renew loans. If not for these reasons, please approach our librarian for further clarification.
1. How can I request a book that is available at another campus library?
You may request through OPAC.

2. How do I know the requested book is ready for me to pick-up?
You may check your UTAR email or Library account for notification of book arrival.

3. How long does it take for books to arrive from another another campus library?
It usually takes 3-5 days if the item is available.

4. Can I renew the book borrowed through this Inter Campus Loan service?
Yes, provided no other users have placed a reservation on it.


How long will you keep for me the book that I had requested through ICL before pick up?
The Library will notify you by email when the book is ready for pick up. The book will be kept for you for 3 days. If you do not collect it by then, the book will be returned to the original library.

1. What is Document Delivery Service?
This is a service provided by the Library to obtain “hard to locate” journal articles, conference papers or book chapters.

2. Who are eligible to use the Document Delivery (DD) service?
The Document Delivery (DD) service is available to all library patrons

3. How much does it cost?
Cost incurred in procuring photocopies of articles from other libraries will be borne by the requestor. Requestor is billed for the cost of the materials plus a service charge determined by the supplying libraries. However, staff with research projects registered at UTAR and all postgraduate students can now obtain free copies of articles/papers that have to be purchased from another library. Maximum number of paid articles per year, subject to approval:
PhD students (Registered as UTAR Student) – 2 paid articles
Masters students (Registered as UTAR Student) – 1 paid article
1. What is my Patron ID and Password?
Your Patron ID is the user login ID (printed below the barcode in the Student/Staff ID card) given by ITISC. Your Password is your MyKad number without hyphen for local students/staff, or passport number for international students/staff.

2. Example for local students:
Login ID: 0600354
Password: 840908023776

3. Example for international students:
Login ID: 0600756
Password: 90056897
Note: If you are using a Replacement ID card, please use the new ID e.g. 0600354R1

4. Example for local staff:
Login ID: chewtm
Password: 671103015435

5. Example for international staff:
Login ID: johnlup
Password: H86533216

6. My password is too long, can I change it?
Yes, please approach our library staff to change your password.

7. I cannot remember my password, what should I do?
Please approach our library staff to reset your password.


I seldom access the email account provided by UTAR, can I change it to my personal email account for all my email notices?
Yes, please click here (Update Library Account) and follow the guide to change.


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