Level of Service
Opening Hours All UTAR libraries will open (100%) as scheduled and
indicated in the Library website
Counter Service Waiting time at counter not to exceed 5 minutes
  Reference Enquiries   ♦ Response to simple enquiries within 2 working days
  ♦ Response to indepth enquiries within 7 working days
  Membership Registration   No registration required for all UTAR students
  For staff, take immediate action to register upon
presentation of staff cards
  Library Orientation   Provide library orientation at the beginning of new intakes
  Requests for New Books and   ♦ 80% of new book and library material requests will be
Library Materials ordered within 5 weeks
  Availability of Library Materials   ♦ Books – 85% of new titles received will be processed
  and made available within 30 working days.
  ♦ Serials – All new journal issues will be made available
  within 7 working days upon receipt
  Access to Library Materials   ♦ 90% of materials returned are re-shelved and made
  accessible within 48 hours
  ♦ 90% of materials are found in their correct locations
  Document Delivery Service and   Fulfill 90% of requests
Inter-Campus Loan service  
  Library System   Attend to any disruption to service within 24 hours.
  User Feedback   Respond within 3 working days upon receipt and resolve
  within 7 working days

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